Compound masts

Simple and versatile basis for the installation of transceiver and receiving devices.

A composite mast is a multi-sectional steel or aluminum mast. The mast is built up by joining the elbows together and you can easily find the right height for your equipment. Composite masts are a simple and versatile basis for installing transceiver equipment.

All masts

Steel mast
Aluminum mast

Steel mast

Set weight: 23,6 kg — 88,5 kg.
Usable height: 8 m — 30 m.
Transport dimensions: 2,2 х 0,2 х 0,2 m — 2,2 х 0,4 х 0,4 m.
Weight of the attached equipment: 12 kg — 45 kg.
Material: Steel.
Installation method: The method of "falling boom", machine-lift or truck elevators.

Special features: Just a robust mast.

Aluminum mast

Set weight: 1,3 kg — 9,2 kg.
Usable height: 1,5 m — 11 m.
Transport dimensions: 1,5 х 0,1 х 0,1 — 2,2 х 0,2 х 0,2 m.
Weight of the attached equipment: 8 kg — 15 kg.
Material: Aluminum.
Installation method: The method of "falling arrow".

Features: Good for knocking down icicles in winter (yes, and for such take).
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