What Do We Know?

Our mast factory produced the first masts in 1997. They were simple telescopic steel masts. Twenty-five years later, we combined aluminum and steel, truss and lighting masts under the RadioTechnic brand.

We select the right option for each client - in terms of price, quality and configuration. We supply pneumatic masts and lighting complexes of foreign manufacturers, produce local analogues of the equipment.

If the standard solution does not fit, the designers of "Machty.ru" will design a suitable model of complex or mast, taking into account the load of your equipment and conditions of use.
We make reliable masts and complexes — from telescopic masts to mobile base stations
You can pick up your order in two ways: by picking it up from our warehouse in St. Petersburg or by shipping company. Order a transportation company yourself or leave the chore to us — we work with «Деловыми Линиями», «ЖелДорЭкспедиция» and others. We will deliver your order to the terminal of the transportation company for free.
Installation and repair
The installation teams have installed hundreds of masts, antennas and equipment for customers. And if a rope breaks, a rack gets snagged while tuning antennas, or the complex needs routine maintenance, we'll fix it in the field.
25 years
We invent, make and build 35 types of masts.
30 people
Works with one goal in mind - to keep your equipment "up and running" around the clock.
3000 masts
Produced since the first copy came out in 1997.
10 years
And even more work our masts at some customers.


business center "H2O", 28AC, Khimikov street, St. Petersburg, Russia, 195030